Bogus Emails

We have received numerous enquiries about unsolicited emails, which have been sent by people claiming to be existing members of 1 Grays Inn Square or fictitious individuals from 1 Grays Inn Square.

The recipient generally receives an email, which purports to come from someone at 1 Grays Inn Square, and claims that they are the beneficiary of a will and are to be bequeathed a large sum of money. Such a scam is usually known as the ‘419 scam’ (named after the relevant section of the Nigerian Criminal Code, where it is thought the scam first originated).

What Can You Do If You Receive A Scam Email?

Whatever you do, never send any money or provide your bank details.

We would strongly advise the recipients of such emails, to ignore the emails and report the email to the abuse department of the Internet Service Provider from where the scam email originated. These emails should be addressed abuse@the ISP name (for e.g. You should quote the full text of the email, including the message headers, which contain routing information relating to the origin and delivery of the message. You may need to refer to your email software for details on how to retrieve the message header. For example, when using Microsoft Outlook, go to View and Options and copy and paste the Internet Header into your email.

Financial Services Authority

Impartial information can be obtained from the FSA, the UK’s financial watchdog.

Metropolitan Police

Fraud alert pages have been set up in conjunction with the Economic and Specialist Crime Operational Command Unit, as a resource to assist in combating specific types of fraud.


Should you require clarification as to whether an email, which you have received, is genuine or not, please forward a copy of your email to