In The Community

1 Gray’s Inn Square is committed to making a big difference in the community we serve locally, nationally and internationally.

We are always seeking appropriate new partners and projects to become involved with and assist, whether financially (including fund raising or sourcing appropriate funding), or by offering free advice, assistance and practical support.

We are particularly keen to hear from prospective partners and projects that share our values, an unequivocal commitment to diversity, equal opportunities and justice, and those that assist the most disadvantaged, socially excluded or marginalised members of our community.

There is no limit to the scale of the project you can present us with. We will actively assist prospective partners and projects both small and large, short-term and long-term.

Please contact the Management Committee, by letter or email if you, or your organisation, requires assistance.

Our partners and supported projects will be entitled to use the ‘1 Gray’s Inn Square In the Community’ logo.

Some of the organisations and projects we currently have links with include:

Southside Young Leaders’ Academy (SYLA)

This is an initiative to help African and Afro-Caribbean boys aged eight and over in danger of being excluded from school. For example boys who are falling behind in their learning, whose behaviour in school and at home is deteriorating, or whose parents have lost control.

These are boys who exhibit potential for excellence but who, without realising, are wasting that energy and creativity to lead themselves and others astray, putting themselves in danger of being marginalised.

SYLA’s mission is to nurture, develop, maximise and release the leadership potential of these boys, empowering them to become positive active citizens and a new generation of business and community leaders.

Francis Evans QC is a trustee.

Social Mobility Foundation

The Social Mobility Foundation exists to support high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds into the top universities and professions. They do this by providing a holistic programme of support encompassing internships, mentoring, university application support and skills development to students predicted to achieve ABB or above at A-Level who are in receipt of Educational Maintenance Allowance.

1 Gray’s Inn Square is committed to providing internships year on year to students via the Bar Council and the Social Mobility Foundation Placement Scheme.


Amicus is a respected and leading charity that assists those representing impoverished people facing execution in the United States and Caribbean.

They offer legal and humanitarian assistance by placing individuals in capital defence offices throughout the United States.

Volunteers who are unable to undertake internships in the US can assist with the work in the UK.

1 Gray’s Inn Square are committed to providing work-space and support for an Amicus volunteer to work within Chambers.

We will also be supporting internships in the USA.