Our Values

All 1 Gray’s Inn Square barristers, pupils and staff proactively support and promote the following values, our values, within Chambers and wherever possible at the Bar, in the wider legal profession and throughout the community we serve:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to the concept of corporate social responsibility comes directly from our barristers, pupils and staff and not from the Chambers management team. We have a long tradition of pro bono work and community activity and our commitment to being a responsible, ethical Chambers, with a wider responsibility to society is a deep-rooted commitment shared by all of our barristerspupils and staff. 1 Gray’s Inn Square is committed to making a big difference In the Community we serve.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are committed to reforming the Bar and legal services. 1 Gray’s Inn Square is a progressive Chambers which now finds itself at the forefront of trialling new and innovative ways of delivering legal services for the benefit of the general public, corporate and commercial clients and public bodies alike. We believe that by working hand in hand with other professionals and providers of legal services we will provide the best quality service and value for money for our clients.

1 Gray’s Inn Square is an ultra-modern Chambers using the latest technology to improve communication and our service.

Equality of Opportunity & Treatment

1 Gray’s Inn Square is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and we are committed to promoting and actioning diversity amongst our barristerspupils and staff. We are committed to ensuring that all those who work within Chambers are treated with equal respect and courtesy at all times. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or inappropriate behaviour.


Our barristerspupils and staff are committed to achieving excellence in all areas of our service. We aim to provide the highest quality of client care and legal service. We aim to deliver value for all of our clients and we actively seek and encourage feedback on all aspects of the service we provide.

Leadership, Independence & Integrity

We believe that our barristerspupils and staff must show active leadership in both a professional / public and private capacity. Barristerspupils and staff must lead by example and their conduct must be beyond reproach. This leadership is born of both independence and integrity. 1 Gray’s Inn Square is committed without fear or favour to the protection of the individual as well as the interests of corporate and commercial clients and public bodies.

Public Service

We have a deep-rooted commitment to public service. Many of our barristerspupils and staff have been involved in public service before their careers at the bar. We are one of the last Chambers within Gray’s Inn that still predominantly undertakes publically funded work. In addition our barristers and pupils undertake pro bono work, for example via the Bar pro bono Unit. Publically funded and pro bono work is treated exactly the same as our privately funded work. The financial value of a brief does not alter the level of barristers instructed or the quality of service. 1 Gray’s Inn Square is run as an efficient business but a simple increase in our turn-over is not the sole or indeed principle aim of our Chambers.


Chambers throughout the bar have historically been a place where barristerspupils and staff could share their expertise and experience. 1 Gray’s Inn Square is no different in this regard and is renowned throughout the legal profession for its collegiate spirit and friendly atmosphere. We passionately believe that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone.

We are committed to supporting all of our barristerspupils and staff in aspiring to and in achieving their own professional and personal goals. This includes supporting staff who wish to undertake relevant training and education and barristers who wish to take sabbaticals to broaden their professional and personal horizons. We are supportive of our barristerspupils and staff who have family commitments. For example caring for young children, elderly relatives or unwell partners.

We are committed to the training and mentoring of our own barristerspupils and staff and other barristers and legal professionals.

Changes in our professional rules mean that we can now work in partnership with solictors and other professionals. We are committed to such relationships where our partners share our values and where there is a clear benefit to our clients.

Transparent Democracy

Although we have a Head of Chambers who chairs Management Committee meetings and is responsible for certain executive functions, within our Constitution all barristers have an equal say in the running of Chambers. We also are at pains to consult and listen carefully to our experienced staff, our pupils, our partners and other legal professionals.

To facilitate democracy within Chambers we ensure that all barristers and staff are kept fully informed of events by an Annual General Meeting, regular Practice Group Meetings, other meetings and the circulation of the Management Committee Agenda and Minutes of Meetings. Chambers accounts are circulated at every Management Committee meeting and are available to all barristers and staff on request.

Securing The Future Of The Legal Profession

As stated we are committed to reforming the Bar and legal services. We will offer training opportunities and provide proper training and support to all our barristers, staff, pupils, mini-pupils, internship students, work experience students, other barristers and legal professionals. We will in particular support those schemes that offer a ‘platform’ to those who would not otherwise have an opportunity to practice at the Bar.

Equality Of Opportunity & Diversity

1 Gray’s Inn Square is committed to equality of opportunity and is a genuinely diverse set of chambers. 
It is our policy to treat everyone equally and fairly regardless of their background, racial group, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.

1 Gray’s Inn square has conducted a survey in accordance with the Bar Standards code of conduct, in order to collect and publish equality and diversity data. The BSB rules aim to provide transparency in recruitment and to encourage diversity in the profession. The survey was conducted in February 2013.

Gender Tenants Pupils Staff
Female 31% 100% 70%
Male 69% 0% 30%
Ethnicity Barristers & Pupils
BME 15%
White 85%

Socio-economic Background

The great majority of tenants did not attend either fee paying schools or Oxbridge Universities, although we have a few who did, and they are not discriminated against.


Chambers has persons with a disability within the meaning of the Equality Act s.10.

Chambers has been committed to fair recruitment and Equal Opportunities for many years and remains so. We always look first for the best candidates, and we encourage applicants from all sections of society. We actively review our recruitment to ensure that we are meeting our commitment to Equal Opportunities.