1 Gray's Inn Square is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and is committed to promoting and actioning diversity amongst its barristers and staff to reflect the wider community we serve. We seek to provide exciting and rewarding opportunities to others who share Our Values and an unequivocal commitment to justice.

Our equal opportunities policies apply to all barristers, employees, sub-contactors, partners, trainees (pupillage, third-sixth pupillage, mini-pupillage, internship and work experience) and visitors to 1 Gray's Inn Square. We are committed to preventing and eliminating discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic and national origin, class, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or marital status.

We therefore encourage and welcome applications from women, people of minority ethnic origin and people with disabilities, as well as candidates from other groups which are under represented in the legal sector. We are happy to make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled candidates to demonstrate their suitability for the position.

All applications for tenancy, employment and training must, if an application form is not specified (i.e. candidates who apply for pupillage via the Pupillage Portal will have such a form), be made by a covering letter, curriculum vitae and our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form.

All tenancy and staff applications should be addressed to the Management Committee by letter or email.

All non-Pupillage Portal pupillages and other training applications (ie third-sixth pupillage, mini-pupillage, internship and work experience) should be addressed to the Pupillage Committee by letter or email.

No applications will be considered if our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form is not completed.

1 Gray's Inn Square's commitment to equal opportunities and the individual and collective obligation for barristers, staff, sub-contractors, partners and trainees is set out in each individual's contract with Chambers and our over-arching Constitution.

Chambers policies reflect the requirements set out in the Equality and Diversity Code for the Bar.

Opportunity information:


1 Gray's Inn Square will only consider applications from Queens Counsel or barristers who are established practitioners over ten years call. Chambers do not usually recruit practitioners under ten years call as we place an emphasis on recruiting from our own pupils. However, Chambers will always consider exceptional candidates of whatever call.

Chambers will consider applications for door tenancy from distinguished teaching and research academics.

Staff Recruitment

There are no vacancies available at this time.


We currently offer up to four 12-month pupillages a year for those keen to practise at the Bar.

We try and give our pupils a variety of training and experience, and tailor training wherever possible to the areas in which they wish to eventually practice.

Applicants will normally need at least a 2:1 to be considered unless there is mitigation to explain the lower grade or an exceptional reason (e.g. post-graduate qualifications or work experience) to waive this criterion.

The number of pupillage vacancies can vary, but we have provided at least four funded places per year in recent times, and sometimes more. We have an excellent track record of recruiting our pupils into tenancy.

We have recently tended to recruit pupils seeking a mixed common law pupillage, although by no means exclusively.

1 Gray's Inn Square recruits via the Pupillage Portal. The Pupillage Portal website gives a full listing of all chambers, with direct links to their websites for information about pupillages and how to apply.

We will only accept applications for pupillage through the Pupillage Portal except where the Bar Council exempts applicants from applying through the Pupillage Portal. Applicants who may be exempt are those who have other advocacy qualifications.

We request that applicants who are exempt from this application procedure also abide by the Pupillage Portal common timetable.

1 Gray's Inn Square does not accept deferred entry applications.

Applications for third-sixth pupillage are considered from exceptional candidates only.

Each year we receive several hundred applications for pupillage. Competition for places is very strong.

In accordance with Our Values, we promote equality of opportunity in selecting our trainees and in particular we encourage those from backgrounds that have not traditionally been well-represented at the Bar to apply.

We follow a 3 stage process of selection:

  • Stage 1: Application forms are sifted to identify candidates for an advocacy exercise and short interview at Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Advocacy exercise and short interviews are conducted to identify candidates for further interviews and final selection at Stage 3.
  • Stage 3: Final Selection interviews.

Pupil supervisors:

  • Barbara Hewson
  • Marc Brittain
  • Maurice Rifat
  • Guy Davison
  • Linda Turnbull
  • Alex Burrett
  • Fergus McCombie

Vacancy for Third Six Pupillage

1 Gray's Inn Square Chambers invites applications for a Third-Six Pupillage to commence with effect from 30th June 2015, with a view to tenancy.

1 Gray's Inn Square is an established, modern, progressive common law set currently seeking a pupil to undertake a mix of criminal, immigration and civil work.

Third-six pupils will be expected to take part in all aspects of chambers' life, and will benefit from a designated pupil supervisor.

Applications should be made by email including your CV with a covering letter, with an equal opportunities monitoring form (which can be found on our website), to Chambers Administrator, Angela Wiggett, awiggett@1gis.co.uk

The deadline for applications is 14th June. After this date, successful applicants will be invited for interview.

Chambers operates a strict Equal Opportunities Policy. More information about Chambers can be found on our website: www.1gis.co.uk.


We offer internships for graduates and post graduates. These internships are for a maximum of 12 months.


We offer some limited mini-pupillages which can range from one day up to a maximum of two weeks. However, applications will normally only be considered from those in their final year of university and beyond, and with a good academic record.

If you would like to apply, please send a full CV and separate covering letter, to cpulman@1gis.co.uk


1 Gray's Inn Square Barristers' Chambers is committed to the Social Mobility Foundation and providing work experience to the students who come via this organisation.

In addition we are committed to providing work-experience to students via the annual London Borough of Lambeth Debating Contest organised by the Lambeth Legal Department.

Above and beyond the above we offer some limited work experience which can range from one day up to two weeks maximum.

We aim to give students a taste of work in a modern legal practice and busy office environment.

Our work experience programme is open to students currently undertaking GCSE's and A levels or the equivalent. We regret that we are unable to accept applications from university students.

An English teacher wrote about our work experience,

"Thank-you so much …for providing the students with such a valuable day's work experience. When they returned to school they couldn't stop talking about all they had seen and experienced. You have inspired them to work even harder and one student is determined to enter Law…Thank-you once again for generously taking the time to encourage the students and educate them in Law and your practice"


We offer internships for graduates and post graduates. These internships are for a maximum of 12 months.


We offer some limited mini-pupillages which can range from one day up to a maximum of two weeks. However, applications will normally only be considered from those in their final year of university and beyond, and with a good academic record.

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